From the traditional uses of life insurance to some of the most sophisticated and cutting edge strategies in generational wealth transfer: M3 is recognized for our advanced insurance designs, implementation and monitoring of complex insurance solutions. We work with clients and their advisors to establish an integrated design to meet objectives of business owners and high net worth families.

Uses of Insurance

Equalize Their Inheritance

Leave your business to your daughter while life proceeds go to son.

Fund a Bequest

To a non-profit or religious organization, private school or college.

Wealth Replacement

Offset market down turns like 2008.

Pay Off Debts

Mortgages on property or debts incurred paying for long term illness.

Pension Maximization

Knowing that your spouse will get an insurance payment at death frees you to take a higher payment at retirement. ‚Äč

Estate Tax Liability

Use discounted dollars thru insurance to offset estate taxes.